“He asks deep questions that cause you to look deeper and think bigger. Paul will encourage, but he will also challenge you to think of aspects or goals that you hadn’t even considered or thought possible.” – Scott B.

Afraid of being "found out?"

If you're reading this, you're probably successful even though you lack confidence in yourself.

Your whole life, you've been driven by watching others succeed, yet your fulfillment is a struggle.

You're insanely curious, and the dark side of that is you become paralyzed by too many choices.

Your ability to see the whole picture is uncanny.

You're a natural leader.

His name is Paul Boomer. What he does is what he believes. And what he believes is we have the capacity to change in ways we don't allow ourselves to think. You see, he's the person business owners, and leaders seek when they need insightful, unbiased honesty, guidance, and transformation in their business or for themselves. Paul loves people, and they tend to love him.

With a background in psychology, human behavior, radio broadcasting, digital marketing, and customer experience, Paul has a track record of business success; He co-founded, grew, and later sold a content creation business. In 2007 he was invited in to a highly exclusive worldwide partnership with 56 marketing and business geniuses collectively known as the Wizard of Ads. What Paul's most proud of is his consultation with 47 owner-operated businesses helping each of them grow by multiples while adding fulfillment in their lives. You see, Paul is an expert at finding roadblocks in your life only to turn around and help remove them.

Helping lead clients to power themselves and businesses to greater heights.

Paul has led his clients to power their businesses to greater heights by diving deep into their own ability. Here’s a glimpse:

  • A CEO of a $12 million nationwide company spoke with Paul about how to grow her business, increase employee engagement, and spend time with her family. Within 5 months, the business grew 12%, her employees were more engaged, and she was enjoying a family vacation.
  • A second-generation owner of a plumbing company had been struggling for months with a decision – should he keep his employees safe but pay the price in stagnation? Or should he stretch his abilities and provide accelerated growth? Within 45 minutes of speaking with Paul, he came to a solid conclusion and is on his way to doubling his $6 million business in the next two years.
  • Paul’s client in the software development industry spoke to him during a state of transition and later came back to say, “Because of that conversation, I’m a better man.”
  • Co-Founders of a regional marketing firm – after two hours with Paul – devised a plan for business growth after being stuck for years. Within 8 weeks, their business grew 20.8% and they had a plan to expand their offices.
  • An artist contacted Paul to discover how she could transition into entrepreneurship. She’s now the busiest she’s ever been, selling one-of-a-kind paintings while building a business she can retire in.

“He turned on some lights in previously unlit rooms. He’s a sage. You really should talk with him.” – Robert B.

Have a 2-Hour Conversation with Paul

No selling. No pep talks. No hype. It's time to make things happen.

Why Paul offers 2 hours, FREE.

If you're willing to show up and continue to do the hard work, Paul sees his time with you as an investment in the world. You see, Paul has experianced many things and this is his way of giving back for what the world has given him.

What to expect

When you meet, you'll dive right in. He'll ask about motivations, setbacks, dreams, outlooks on life, and more. Then, he'll help you see a path to overcome your roadblocks and transform your dreams into reality.

What NOT to expect

Don't expect Paul to try an impress you. What Paul has learned is if he tries to impress people, nothing gets accomplished. He shows up to be a servant to helping you, not trying to gain a new client. He's not going to hold back. Come prepared to do the same.

Everything you want is closer than you think.

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No selling. No pep talks. No hype.

"Paul is amazing! Within moments, he had us seeing things in a different light. Because of him, we found a new direction." - Anna L.
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